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One Punch Man Season 3 : Release Date And All Details

One Punch Man Season 3

Fans have been anxiously expecting the release of One Punch Man Season 3 since Season 2 ended in 2019. The anime, famed for its winning blend of action and humor, follows Saitama, an all-powerful hero who joins the Hero Association simply for fun, beating rivals with a single punch.

The first season introduced Saitama to the world, highlighting his search for a suitable opponent while also hilariously depicting his annoyance with defeating adversaries too easily. In the second season, while Saitama maintained his unbeaten record, the Hero Association faced a serious challenge from Garou, a martial arts genius and self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter“.

One Punch Man Season 3
One Punch Man Season 3

To begin, the release date has yet to be determined, although expectations are great. Returning characters, such as Saitama, and maybe new faces, will continue to enchant spectators. The tale is intended to go to the next fascinating arc, with new obstacles and experiences.

As the wait continues, fans may be confident that the world of One Punch Man is getting ready for more action, humor, and, of course, Saitama’s search for a more dangerous opponent. Stay tuned for details on the release date, and get ready for another round of action-packed entertainment!

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

As of January 2024, the official release date for One Punch Man Season 3 had not been announced. Despite being in development, fans may have to wait until October 2024 for the much-anticipated launch of the next season.

The next big anime conference where fans might receive updates is Anime Japan, which will occur in March 2024. The studio in charge of the third season has yet to be announced. Additionally, the lengthy gap between Seasons 1 and 2 was mostly due to the change in animation studios.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date
One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

The first season of One Punch Man was announced in March 2015, and it premiered in Japan in October 2015. The second season was confirmed in September 2016, and it will air in Japan in April 2019. As work continues, fans are eagerly expecting the third season, which has been formally confirmed for August 2022.

The creation of season three raises an important question: who will be behind it? The acclaimed studio Madhouse produced One-Punch Man Season 1, but JC Staff took over for Season 2, leaving some fans disappointed.

One Punch Man Season 3 : What To Expect ?

While exact story specifics for One-Punch Man Season 3 are unknown, it is genuine to assume it to pick up right where Season 2 left off, adapting the succeeding arc from One and Yusuke Murata’s combined effort.

The first two seasons included the first 85 chapters (or 16 volumes) of the original manga. As a result, Season 3 will most likely start up where Chapter 86 left off, diving deeper into the vast Monster Association narrative.

For manga aficionados, this is the longest arc ever, running from 2017 to 2021. Without giving too much away, it entails a massive invasion of the Hero Association, the enrollment of practically all S-Rank Heroes, and the advent of Garou as a powerful villain.

Furthermore, fans of the manga may look forward to the return of the mysterious hero Blast in One Punch Man Season 3. As an S-Class Rank 1 hero on a secret task, Blast’s involvement appears to be directly tied to the show’s continuing narrative. Blast, who is at the summit of One-Punch Man’s strength rankings, fights in some genuinely epic clashes in the manga, promising spectacular moments when converted to anime. The return of known characters and the debut of new ones enhance the excitement for the next season.

Cast For One Punch Man Season 3

While there has been no official confirmation of returning voice actors or characters for One Punch Man Season 3, some characters are expected to make a comeback. This anticipation is based on their essential roles in both the first two seasons of the anime and their continued prominence in the manga series:

CharacterJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
SaitamaMakoto FurukawaMax Mittelman
GenosKaito IshikawaZach Aguilar
Atomic SamuraiKenjiro TsudaKyle Herbert
Metal KnightTessho GendaJamieson Price
ZombiemanTakahiro SakuraiVernon Dew
GarouHikaru MidorikawaGreg Chun
OrochiAtsushi OnoJason Marnocha
Mumen RiderYuichi NakamuraRobbie Daymond
BangKazuhiro YamajiJohn DeMita


Will there be a season 3 of One-Punch Man?

The much awaited Season 3 of One-Punch Man was formally revealed on August 18, 2022, along with a graphic created by Oath Kubota. Season one was announced in March 2015, and it premiered in Japan on October 5, 2015.

The lengthy delay was caused by the animation studio behind the program switching from Madhouse to J.C. Staff. With reports stating that One Punch Man may be moved from J.C. Staff to MAPPA for Season 3, this new internal change may cause more delays.

After most of the Monster Association is beaten, we learn that only Garou remains, and he must square battle against Saitama, culminating in the most jaw-dropping combat the series has seen thus far. While Garou is a merciless villain, it is clear that he is not a one-dimensional figure.


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