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One Piece Luffy Gear 5: Release Date, Where To Watch And More

One Piece Luffy Gear 5 transformation! Find out the release date and where to watch this epic moment in the beloved anime series.

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Kaido stands as a villain in One Piece’s 1000+ episodes, unlike any other. No matter what Luffy does or whom he fights Kaido with, it never seems to be enough. It is evident that Luffy needs more than Gear 4 to defeat him.

When facing seemingly impossible battles, Luffy consistently surpasses his previous best. He achieved this against Katakuri by utilizing Gear 4 Snake Man and against Doflamingo when he acquired Gear 4 Bounce Man.

Fans have eagerly anticipated Gear 5 ever since Eichiro Oda (Writer Of One Piece) unveiled it to great acclaim. Toei Animation has announced that they will air the highly-awaited One Piece Luffy Gear 5 episode on August 6.

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Importance Of Gear 5 in One Piece

Stand a chance to defeat kaido

Before awakening his devil fruit, Luffy had no chance against Kaido. Despite being in his most powerful Gear 4 form, he suffered defeat multiple times. Furthermore, a CP0 agent dealt a serious blow to Luffy with a shock assault.

an image of kaido one of the strongest vilian in one piece
Kaido- One Piece

Given such circumstances, the goal of liberating Wano seemed impossible. However, in One Piece, Luffy’s Gear 5 enabled him to defeat the Yonko effortlessly, treating him like a mere toy. With his legendary strength, overcoming Kaido became a simple task.

As a result of Luffy’s victory, Wano experienced a fresh dawn, and the people joyously celebrated the end of their 20-year-long struggle for independence.

Reveals special powers

Up until now, there has been nothing unusual about Luffy’s abilities compared to other Shonen manga protagonists. Many characters in the series possess Haki, including his Conqueror’s Haki, and he had a devil fruit resembling a Paramecia, making him just an ordinary pirate with incredible strength.

an image of luffy gear 5
Luffy Gear 5

However, everything changed with the introduction of Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation. This unique form sets him apart from the entire cast of characters. Unlike any other devil fruit, Luffy’s can alter its attributes after awakening, revealing itself to be a Mythical Zoan fruit. The Gorosei themselves referred to it as the “world’s most ridiculous” power.

Give hints about Yonko Shanks

The Yonko Shanks remains the most mysterious character, as he not only serves as Luffy’s mentor but also shrouds himself in secrecy. Unbeknownst to many, it was the devil fruit of the Red Hair Pirates that Luffy unintentionally consumed, which Shanks had actually taken from the World Government.

an image of yonko shanks from one piece one of the mysterious characters
Yonko Shanks- One Piece

The consequence of this action was being pursued by CP9 agents. While the crew may be perplexed, it is improbable that Shanks stole this power without being aware of its true nature. With One Piece’s introduction of Luffy’s Gear 5, viewers are one step closer to uncovering Shanks’ true motivations.

Luffy Gear 5: Release Date And Time

On Sunday, August 6th, viewers worldwide can eagerly anticipate the broadcast of One Piece Episode 1071, aptly titled “Gear 5,” by Toei Animation. The episode is scheduled to air at 10 AM in Japan, ensuring a simultaneous international release that will be available to fans everywhere. As anticipation grows across the globe, overseas viewers can refer to the converted time zones for their respective regions.

Time ZonePacific TimeIndian TimeEastern TimeEuropean TimeUK Time
Time6:00 PM7:30 AM9:00 PM3:00 AM2:00 AM
Release Time

Luffy Gear 5: Teaser Video

Teaser Video Of Luffy Gear 5

Even though some claim that One Piece episode 1071 will cost the most to animate in history, there is no proof to support these rumors, although they do have some basis.

We can rest assured that the One Piece Luffy Gear 5 episode will match the animation quality of the most recent episodes, if not surpass them.

Where To Watch One Piece Luffy’s Gear 5

For all the eager viewers anticipating the One Piece anime Luffy Gear 5 episode, you’ll be delighted to know that it will be available on Crunchyroll for international audiences. So, gear up and brace yourselves for the thrill of a lifetime as “One Piece” takes us on yet another unforgettable and action-packed adventure.


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