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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Spoilers: Four New Villians?

Boruto two blue vortex chapter 4 spoilers

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 spoilers: The last Chapter of Boruto, “Two Blue Vortex,” sets the ground for a significant confrontation between Code and Boruto. Using the planet’s spin force against Code, Boruto used the devastating tornado attack known as Rasengan: Uzuhiko in the pivotal battle to demonstrate his amazing strength. Boruto’s resolve increased the ferocity of the exchange by demanding vital information on the whereabouts of the Ten-Tails.

With Boruto displaying his impressive talents, the combat escalated to a whole new level. To everyone’s astonishment, his allies also entered the fray, heightening the tension. While the battle was going on, Boruto was able to get Code to reveal crucial information on the location of the mysterious Ten-Tails.

With his newfound understanding, Boruto was ready to take action, which increased the suspense in the plot. With the chapter coming to an exciting climax, fans could not wait to see what would happen next and how Boruto’s revelation would play out. As the story picks up heat, readers are left hanging and eagerly awaiting the next chapter to find out what happens as Boruto makes his next move.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Release Date & Time

On Monday, November 20, 2023, Boruto Part 2 Chapter 4 will premiere on Manga Plus and Viz Media. It’s crucial to remember, though, that owing to time zone differences, release times may vary throughout different locations. We have created a calendar to help you keep track of when the chapter is released in your location as soon as possible:

Time ZoneDateTime
PST (Pacific Standard Time)20 Nov7:00 AM
CST (Central Standard Time)20 Nov9:00 AM
EST (Eastern Standard Time)20 Nov10:00 AM
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)20 Nov3:00 PM
Central European Time20 Nov4:00 PM
IST (Indian Standard Time)20 Nov8:30 PM
Philippine Time20 Nov11:00 PM
Australian Time21 Nov1:30 AM
Release Date And Time

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Spoilers

Chapter Name And Cover Page

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 spoilers reveal the title of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter Four is “Awakening” and the Cover page reveals the full character design of Kawaki in colored panels.

Boruto Uses Minato’s Flying Thunder God Technique

Tension is raised by a thrilling encounter between Boruto and Kawaki in the most recent chapter. Boruto displays his strategic skill by using the Flying Thunder God method to locate the elusive Ten-Tails. But their preparations are derailed by an unexpected enemy that takes the characters by surprise.

Boruto quickly recognizes the new foe as a “god tree,” igniting a fierce and dangerous struggle. As Boruto uses his grandfather’s method once more, the fight intensifies, highlighting both his inventiveness and the seriousness of the approaching threat. Readers are gripped by the chapter, curious to find out how Boruto overcomes this unexpected challenge and what outcomes lie ahead for the characters in the developing story.

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Four New Villians Revealed

Boruto two blue vortex chapter 4 spoilers Show that a new chakra appears to Boruto, and he becomes more conscious of everything. He looks up and sees the changed shape of the holy tree, which is said to have been caused by Code. The ominous scene prepares the audience for an increased degree of danger in the coming conflict.

Four New Villians

Two powerful enemies, whose identities are unknown, are introduced in the story. One of them unleashes a lightning technique on Boruto, causing him to quickly flee using his Rasengan skills. But when Boruto gets captured by one of the new foes, things take a terrible turn. He goes to Code in a last-ditch attempt to get assistance, but all he gets is silence.

Sarada And Kawaki’s Argument About Boruto

Boruto two blue vortex chapter 4 spoilers show that the Hokage office turns into a flashpoint as Sarada stands by supporting Boruto in his conflict with Code. Sarada’s appeal highlights the seriousness of the situation by stressing the critical necessity for cooperation in order to protect Konoha Village. The air of urgency in the office is obvious since the fate of the community is at risk.

On the battlefield, meanwhile, Boruto has to deal with four extremely strong opponents. Theoretically, these new adversaries may be clones of historical figures. By using his Rasengan skills to deflect lightning strikes, Boruto demonstrates his combat ability and agility against these formidable foes.

When Boruto asks Code for help at a crucial juncture, he is met with an unsettling stillness. Out in the commotion, a frog steps in and demands that something be done quickly. This intervention highlights the impending peril that hangs over the protagonists by illuminating the growing threat presented by the divine tree under Code’s power.

Sasuke Turned Into A Tree

Boruto successfully reaches the hideout in a desperate escape attempt, seeking safety from the rising chaos. His relief is short-lived, however, as a surprise visitor – none other than Kashin Koji – awaits him. The unexpected entrance of this guy adds a dimension of mystery to the unfolding events.

The suspense builds to a climax on the last page, which reveals a frightening image that leaves readers speechless. Sasuke is discovered to have transformed into a tree. The breaking news is emotionally fraught, and a dark aura pervades the setting.
Sasuke Transformed Into Tree

Boruto feels overwhelmed with duty and shame after seeing this terrible scene. With a heavy heart, he apologizes to Sasuke, expressing regret, and explains that he would have to wait a bit longer than expected. The chapter ends on a tragic note, leaving readers with a slew of unanswered questions and emotions, anxiously expecting the closure of this unexpected and devastating twist in the tale.


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