Usopp Conqueror’s Haki

Unconventional One Piece theorists have proposed that Usopp might awaken Conqueror's Haki.This speculative hypothesis is strengthened by the pattern of his falsehoods turning into truths.

Luffy's Life is Siphoned by Gear Fifth

A new theory holds that Gear Fifth is reducing Luffy's span of life at an alarming rate. With these quick and abrupt changes in size and shape, it is obvious that his body and heart are under a great deal of strain.

 Luffy’s Devil Fruit is a Progenitor

His Gears' changing abilities shockingly resemble those of Zoan Fruit users who have transformed. Given that it has traits from each category, it is therefore plausible that Luffy's real Devil Fruit is the origin of all Fruits. This would utterly alter the history books on Devil Fruits in One Piece if it were ever confirmed to be genuine.

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